3D gypsum panels in interior

The possibility of using voluminous decorative panels in interior appeared not so long ago. 3D panels offered by DECO LINE the photo of which you can see in the gallery of our internet-shop have already become popular with local consumers. Available price, easy installation, excellent characteristic (durability, fire safety, thermal and noise insulation) are important but not the only criteria justifying the popularity of this decoration material.

3D wall panels make it possible to create unique compositions in the interior: great diversity of relief patterns, textures and colours gives unlimited creative possibilities

Our voluminous panels enriched with correct LED backlight can show any landscape theme turning it into the peculiarity of any room.

3D panels (pictures with most creative ideas can be found on the internet) are a material often used while decorating children's rooms: various voluminous images form children's sense of perspective and promote development of fantasy without which children's development can't be considered full.

3D panels in the interior of bedrooms are often placed above the head of the bed creating an isle of comfort highlighted with appropriate lighting. In the kitchen this material is usually used for facing the apron front or dinner zone. More popular kitchen ornaments are floral (flowers, leaves, stems, coffee beans). Being multi-purpose, practical and reliable 3D panels can be combines with any style and facing material-metal, textile, wood, wallpaper. Those who purchased this material just to save money and time will certainly get positive emotions when they see how better their interior became.

Those who prefer classics in their bedrooms can use 3D panels imitating wood or marble; those who is fond of modern can decide on metal imitation, and the fans of country style will certainly like panels imitating textile.

3D gypsum panels in the interior are often used for room zoning occupying a part of the wall. Decorated with such modules partition walls make it possible to get voluminous effect which can't be achieved by other methods. Another advantage for using the panels the features and prices of which are mentioned in the catalogue of our internet-shop is the possibility to hide surface defects. Besides, the space behind the panels can be used for hiding the wires which have become a real problem for interiors in our century of total computerization.

And finally, 3D wall panels are used for changing the premises visually: horizontal pattern can help make the high room narrower, vertical lines combined with pale colours will give the opposite effect. Combination of size, form, texture, colour of patterns will make it possible to solve various tasks referring to ideal decoration of your interior.

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Panels are made from environmentally friendly materials and it is completely safe

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100% Geometry

Deco Line panels have a 100% geometry and two-phase quality check

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Deco Line is a big company with production placed in Zelenograd

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Panels delivered by Deco Line are insured, defective products will be replaced