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Amazing painted vases for connoisseurs

Limited to standard design solutions no one wants, but a problem finding a truly original elements of the interior. To this category can be safely attributed vases decorative for the interior, made of glass and characterized by the presence of painting. Applied by hand the pattern determines the exclusivity of the product, respectively, if to use such detail in the design, you can be sure that the room will look luxurious, but elegant. Buy painted vases, from which at first sight is breathtaking, offers online store of DECO LINE, and you can choose the model for any of the room.

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Panels are made from environmentally friendly materials and it is completely safe

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100% Geometry

Deco Line panels have a 100% geometry and two-phase quality check

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Deco Line is a big company with production placed in Zelenograd

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Panels delivered by Deco Line are insured, defective products will be replaced