600x600x22 мм C-01 1638.0 /шт
520x450x22 мм C-02 1064.7 /шт
570x570x22 мм C-03 1478.3 /шт
500x500x22 мм C-04 1137.5 /шт
432.62x200x22 мм C-05 393.7 /шт
600x600x19 мм C-06 1638.0 /шт
600x600x20 мм C-07 1638.0 /шт
600x600x25 мм C-08 1638.0 /шт
300x200x30 мм C-09 273.0 /шт
380x600x18 мм C-10 1037.4 /шт

Classical wall panels

If you can't decide on which type of 3D panels to choose try to select the ones of Classic category. Classical 3D panels of high quality will decorate any interior. Modern technologies and high-quality materials used in the production of 3D panels of this category allows to get best results.

3D wall panels Classic correspond to the highest standards of quality and requirements to modern decoration materials. 

Classical panes differ from other types due to their beauty and style. There is nothing superfluous in them and the prices can really please the customers. Just install such panels at your home and invite guests Be sure that your taste will be appreciated. 

In spite of the name Classic you can't find any repeated ones in our assortment. All the panels are unique and created by the efforts of best designers. Basic material for this series is gypsum which outstands with its good exploitation characteristics. Besides its durability this material is absolutely non-toxic. Even appearing inside human organism it is completely harmless both for children and grown-ups.

We are happy to offer you our production both traditional and unique created by order in full harmony with your  desires.

Classical wall panels not only provide attractive look of the premises but also guarantees noise and thermal insulation. In winter you won't be cold as the panels keep warmth. Noisy neighbours won't bother you any more.

Preferring classics you will never regret it.

Right now you can buy  the products at the best prices choosing the best panels from the wide assortment on our website and adding the preferred goods to “Basket”. If you still have questions just contact us by the phone numbers mentioned here and our managers will help you choose the best panels of high quality and at most available prices.

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Panels are made from environmentally friendly materials and it is completely safe

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100% Geometry

Deco Line panels have a 100% geometry and two-phase quality check

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Deco Line is a big company with production placed in Zelenograd

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Panels delivered by Deco Line are insured, defective products will be replaced