Size m 49
88.6 /шт Model: М-49 3852.2 2 Collection: Modern Size of one panel: 200x115x45 мм Calculate amount


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100% Гарантия
При отправке вся продукция Deco Line страхуется. Поврежденный товар будет бесплатно заменен.


Отгрузка товара происходит по 100% предоплате.

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3д гипсовые панели Modern М-49 фото, 3д стеновые панели Modern М-49 в интерьере


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Panels are made from environmentally friendly materials and it is completely safe

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100% Geometry

Deco Line panels have a 100% geometry and two-phase quality check

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Deco Line is a big company with production placed in Zelenograd

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Panels delivered by Deco Line are insured, defective products will be replaced