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Decorative wall panels

Decorative panel is one more material for interior decoration appeared recently. However it can't be considered absolutely new as one of its varieties, the bas-relief, is known since ancient times. Today consumers can buy decorative wall panels for interior due to which the possibilities of interior decoration of residential and commercial areas have expanded significantly.

The new fashion can't be of short duration: the voluminous effect of panel modules can transfigure the interior greatly and the simplicity of installation/dismantling is compared with temporary costs during more traditional ways of wall decoration. Diversity of texture and patterns, possibility of many-time painting, of partial or full replacement of panels make decorative gypsum panels really versatile, eco-friendly facing material.

Decorative wall panels photo
Decorative wall panels photo
Decorative wall panels photo

Therefore, interior specialists often use voluminous modules in their work and this fact completely reflects the tendencies of modern interior decoration.

Between the most economical variant which is plastic panels and the most exotic variant such as bamboo or aluminum ones there are decorative gypsum panels which are certainly worthwhile. This material has been known and used for a long time and the wide assortment of gypsum panels offered at the internet-shop of DECO LINE company have the following advantages:

  • Gypsum is an eco-friendly and absolutely harmless fireproof material. Besides gypsum the panel material also consists of polymers as a reinforcing ingredient. It is completely free of phenol, styrene, formaldehyde and other active chemicals;
  • decorative gypsum wall panels the price of which refers to “econom” category are characterized with the simplicity of installation saving time spent on all decoration ( a small room can be decorated with such panels within a few hours in case of having appropriate skills);
  • when processed properly the wall faced with decorative panels has no visible joints;
  • with the help of gypsum modules it’s possible to regulate the level of humidity in the room-it absorbs extra dampness when it’s too wet and gives it back when it’s too dry inside the room;
  • with the help of the panels the noise reducing and thermo-insulation characteristics of the walls can be significantly improved;
  • gypsum panels can be painted many times so it allows to change the interior with low costs.

It should be noted that many factors influence the price of the decorative panels offered at our internet-shop: size (it can be varied, the most demanded plates are sized from 20x20 to 60x60); thickness (20-36 mm), complexity of pattern and the quality of processing the gypsum surface.

In any case this type of decoration materials allows to fit in the existing interior and to create surfaces often outstanding as a central element of interior.

If you plan to buy decorative panels contact our consultants who will calculate their quantity for definite room (taking into account the thickness of the plate and the necessity of combining complex patterns).

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Panels are made from environmentally friendly materials and it is completely safe

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100% Geometry

Deco Line panels have a 100% geometry and two-phase quality check

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Deco Line is a big company with production placed in Zelenograd

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Panels delivered by Deco Line are insured, defective products will be replaced